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Why Join

Here are some benefits of being a member of ECards100:

Increase Your Traffic

Joining us means that you get targeted traffic to your site. People come to ECards100 to look for ecards and greetings. Targeted traffic is the best kind of traffic any website will ever want. Usually for ever visitor that uses our voting system from your site means 2 new targeted visitors to you from us. Some sites are known to have even better ratios. You have to really try us out to see for yourself what we mean.


We run on dedicated servers to virtually eliminate down time and slowdowns. We are hooked up to major Internet backbones consisting of AT&T, UUnet and the Exodus Comunications Network. This will ensure that visitors who want to reach you through our site will always reach you.


Joining is free. All we ask is you place a unique code on your site to receive votes. Our services is paid by major sponsors.


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